The USA IBC is a wonderful gathering that provides a global view of dance.

– Edward Villella
International Jury Chair
2014 USA IBC

2014 USA IBC Rules and Regulations

A.            Eligibility

B.            Application Process

C.            Selection Process

D.            Video Requirements for Competitor Application: Part II

E.            Auto Acceptance Policy

F.            Competition Procedure

G.            Rules    

H.            Scoring

 I.            Travel & Housing

 J.            Arrival Dates

 K.            Insurance

 L.            Coach Requirements

 M.           Non-Competing Partners



  • Junior Division: For dancers 15 -18 years of age by June 29, 2014
  • Senior Division: For dancers 19-26 years of age by June 29, 2014.
  • Competitors may appear as soloists or as couples.
  1. Couples may be formed between a male and female competitor of the same age division or separate age division.
  2. Couples comprised of one Junior Division competitor and one Senior Division competitor must choose from the Junior Division Repertoire in Round I.
  3. A competitor may appear with a competing partner or non-competing partner.
  4. Those choosing to appear as a couple may not include solo works in either their classical or contemporary programs. They must appear with the same partner throughout the competition and always as a couple.


  • Competitor Application Part I
  1. Online application.
  2. $65 fee per applicant– Dancers applying as part of a couple comprised of two competing partners must submit two individual applications—one for the male applicant and one for the female applicant. Please make sure to reference your partner’s name in the PARTNER INFORMATION section of the application.
  3. Deadline: November 8, 2013  Deadline has been extended. Submissions will be accepted through December 9, 2013.
  1. Online application
  2. Copy of passport
  3. One black and white portrait head shot. Photos must be no smaller than 5”x7” (13 x 18cm)
  4. Electronically signed release form and applicant agreement
  5. Video application
  6. Non-competing partner application form, passport and head shot if applicable
  7. Coach application form, passport and head shot if coach plans to travel to Jackson
  8. Deadline: February 7 , 2014


  •  Competitors will be chosen by the Selection Committee of the USA IBC in February 2014 based on their application and video.
  • Soloists must submit two variations from the Round I Classical Repertoire. Couples are required to submit one pas de deux from the Round I Classical Repertoire. Couples must perform the entrée, male & female variations and coda of the pas de deux.  Round I Classical Repertoire.
  • Applicants must use the 2014 USA IBC rehearsal music when filming their video application. This will be made available online in November 2013 with Part II of the Competitor Application.


  • Selection will be based primarily on the video performance. Therefore, it is important that the technical quality of the video be very high.
  • Dancers must use 2014 USA IBC Round I rehearsal music when filming the video application.
  • The dancer should be shot straight on with full body kept in view and not too far away.
  • Videos with edits or cuts will not be accepted.
  • Videos of live performances will not be accepted.
  • If your partner cannot be included in the video, send a video with you partnering someone else.
  • Attire for video
    • Women must wear pink tights that cover the entire leg and foot, pointe shoes and a leotard in a contrasting color from the background of studio. No costumes, skirts or practice tutus may be worn.
    • Men must wear black tights covering the entire leg and foot, a solid color shirt in a contrasting color from the background of the studio.


The USA IBC automatically accepts dancers who have won a gold medal (first prize) or Grand Prix at the following International Ballet Competitions.

  • 2012 Varna
  • 2012 Helsinki
  • 2013 Moscow
  • New York International Ballet Competition
  • New York Finals of the 2013 Youth American Grand Prix (soloists)

Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and have received one of these awards may waive the USA IBC selection process by submitting Competitor Application: Part I by the November 8, 2013, December 9, 2013, deadline and the following to the USA IBC by February 7, 2014.

  • Competitor Application Part II
    • Online application
    • Head shot
    • Copy of passport
    • Automatically accepted dancers do not need to submit a video with Part II of application.
    • Coach and NCP application, head shot and passport if applicable


  •  ROUND I: ELIMINATIONS (Classical) Competitors must perform either two solo variations or one pas de deux selected from the obligatory classical repertoire. Junior Competitors must choose from the Junior Division Repertoire, and Senior competitors must choose from the Senior Division Repertoire. Couples comprised of one Junior Division competitor and one Senior Division competitor must choose from the Junior Division Repertoire.
  • ROUND II: SEMI-FINALS (NEW! Compulsory Contemporary) The USA IBC is interested in contemporary choreography that reflects the highest quality of dance created by contemporary or modern dance masters. In Round II, semi-finalists must perform one contemporary solo or pas de deux from the 2014 contemporary repertoire. Choreographers, Trey McIntyre and Matthew Neenan have generously contributed several of their works to this year’s competition. These works will be made available online in March of 2014. Competitors will be responsible for learning the piece of their choice from video and will then have the opportunity to work with choreographers in Jackson during Round II of the competition.
  • ROUND III: FINALS (Classical and Contemporary)
  1.  Finalists must perform a pas de deux or two solo variations of their choice from the obligatory classical ballet repertoire. Juniors and Seniors do not choose from separate repertoire selections in Round III. Soloists must choose one variation from List A and one variation from List B from the Round  III Classical Ballet Repertoire.
  2. Finalists must perform a contemporary solo or duet choreographed after 2010. Total stage time allowed is 4 minutes.
  3. Competitors should choose from the repertoire of music included in the ASCAP catalog or BMI catalog for Round III contemporary selections.
  4. Contemporary entries in Round III are eligible for a choreography award.
  5. Classical and contemporary pieces performed in Round III must be different than those performed by the competitor in previous rounds. Pieces must differ in technical elements
  1. Dancers winning awards and their partners must appear in the Awards Gala on Saturday, June 28, and the Encore Gala performance on Sunday, June 29.
  2. If a dancer is unable to perform due to injury, he or she must provide the USA IBC with a doctor’s statement.
  3. Each dancer’s program will be selected by the jury from works performed during the competition.
  4. Dancers appearing in classical works are required to perform with an orchestra. No exceptions will be made to this rule. Recorded music may be used for contemporary works only.
  5. Competitors do not receive royalties for any television broadcast or taping of the competition, Awards Gala or Encore Gala.
  6. The Awards Gala will include a performance from the participants of the Choreography Workshop.
  1. Daily studio rehearsal space will be provided.
  2. Technical rehearsal is provided on stage each round.
  3. Daily class is provided for competitors and non-competing partners.
  4. Competitors and non-competing partners who are eliminated from the competition must participate in the choreography workshop in order to stay on at no cost.


  • Stage Appearance
  1. The order of appearance on stage will be determined by drawing numbers.
  2. Competitors will appear in numerical order. For couples, the number of the female competitor will be used. Juniors will appear first on the program during each performance.
  3. Competitors may appear as a soloist, with a competing partner or with a non-competing partner. Those choosing to appear as couple may not include solo works in either their classical or contemporary programs and must appear with the same partner throughout the competition.
  4. If a partner is eliminated, he or she must continue to appear with his or her partner in subsequent rounds, the Awards Gala and the Encore Gala.
  5. Competitors must furnish their own costumes and make-up
  6. Competitors may not use oil based body paint.
  7. Performance in the nude is not permitted.
  8. The USA IBC will be limited to approximately 100 competitors.
  9. The competition takes place in Thalia Mara Hall on a stage with a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor, covered with Harlequin Reversible performance surface. The stage dimensions are 50ft wide by 30ft deep ( 16 meters x 11 meters)
  10. All competition performances are held before a public audience.
  • Music
    1. Competitors must furnish their own musical material for Round III contemporary pieces.
    2. Competitors must provide the USA IBC with one mini-disc and 2 CDs for Round III contemporary selections by April 21 2014.
    3. Only performance quality recordings will be accepted. The competitors will be responsible for payment to have inferior recordings remade.
    4. All recordings should be in a plastic case marked with the competitors name and title of work.
    5. Competitors should bring an additional CD to Jackson to use during studio rehearsals.
    6. Competitors should choose from the repertoire of music available in the ASCAP or BMI music catalogues. Competitors are responsible for obtaining music permissions for any music NOT FOUND in these catelogues and must submit permissions to the USA IBC by April 21, 2014.http://www.ascap.com/ http://www.bmi.com/  
    7. Competitors must use the 2014 USA IBC rehearsal music for Round I and Round III classical pieces and for Round II contemporary selections. No alterations of any kind may be made. Pitch control may not be adapted in the theater. The requisite USA IBC music includes a fast and slow tempo for classical selections.


      • Competitors will be judged individually by an international jury of 11 members.
      • Competitors will be judged on artistry, technical skill and musicality.
      • No country will have more than one jury member.
      • Based on a 10-point system, each juror will vote individually for each competitor in each round.
      • A private evaluation session with a dance professional will be available to eliminated competitors following each round. At this time, evaluators will review juror’s comments and suggestions with eliminated competitors.
      • The USA does not give out jury scores.
      • The jury reserves the right to withhold any award or to divide an award between competitors.
      • Decisions of the jury are final and without appeal.


      • Travel and expenses to and from Jackson are the responsibility of the competitor. Competitors will be required to submit flight information to the Participant Coordinator by April 18, 2014.
      • Competitors, along with their coaches and partners, will be met at the airport and taken to Belhaven University for registration. All transportation in Jackson will be provided by the competition.
      • The USA IBC will provide and pay for housing and food for each competitor and non-competing partner from noon, Tuesday, June 10, 2014, through noon on Sunday, June 29, 2014.
      • All Round III finalists will receive a stipend of $1,000 to help defray travel expenses.
      • All competitors and non-competing partners are required to stay at Belhaven University. Housing will be provided in the campus dormitories. The USA IBC will not be responsible for any other person traveling with the competitor and non-competing partner.
      1. Housing is double occupancy. No single rooms are available.
      2. Members of the opposite gender may not share a room unless married.
      3. Competitors and non-competing partners may not share a room with a coach or any other person unless married to that individual
      • Meals for competitors and non-competing partners will be provided at Belhaven University.
      • Special rates are available for housing and food for coaches and family members at Belhaven University.


Competitors must arrive in Jackson on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, to register and draw numbers. Please make your travel plans accordingly. Anyone arriving before Tuesday, June 10, will be responsible for making their own arrangements at their own expense. The dormitories at Belhaven University will not be open for competitor housing before Tuesday, June 10.


 The competition will provide insurance to competitors and non-competing partners for accidental injury only during the period of June 10-29, 2014, while participating in the competition. General health insurance must be provided by the competitor.


      • Coaches who are planning to travel to Jackson for the competition must submit a Coach Application form, head shot and copy of passport by February 7, 2014. Coach Application will be available online November 18, 2103.
      • Advanced reservations are required for coaches wanting to stay at Belhaven University. Housing and three meals a day will be available at a very reasonable cost.
      • Members of the opposite gender may not share a room unless married.
      • Coaches may not share a room with a competitor or non-competing partner unless married to the dancer.
      • Due to scheduling restrictions, each coach may only work with 3 competitors/couples. No exceptions.
      • Each soloist/couple is restricted to one coach.
      • Coaches are responsible for purchasing their own performance tickets and will receive a 20% discount.


      • Non-competing partners are required to submit the non-competing partner application as part of Competitor Application: Part II, a copy of his or her passport and a head shot by February 7, 2014.
      • There is no age requirement for non-competing partners.


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