It takes tremendous organization and hundreds of volunteers to welcome the dance world to Jackson every four years, but the USA IBC has proven it’s up to the task for 10 competitions since 1979.

From transporting dignitaries to serving as ushers at 17 performances, more than 600 volunteers keep the competition running smoothly for a full two weeks.

As a nonprofit, the USA IBC relies on sponsorships, donations, ticket and merchandise sales, in-kind services and thousands of volunteer hours to succeed. And succeed it does. Jackson holds high prestige in the international dance community because of the USA IBC’s artistic excellence, integrity in judging and unparalleled hospitality to visitors.

Heading the volunteer effort for 2018 are overall coordinators Mary Schiele Scanlon and Candy Spurzem. Area volunteer coordinators and their committees of responsibility are Dorothy Hawkins, Competitor Hospitality, VIP Welcome Baskets, Jury, Coaches Lounge, Jurors Lounge, Faculty Lounge, City Beautification, Ambassadors (formerly Host Families); Kinshasa Watson, Grand Prix Ball, Pre-Opening Party; Opening Night Party, Sponsors Party, Plaza Activities, Pre-Performance Toast, Artist’s Reception; Angie Noble, Production, House, Media, Merchandise, Security, Vendor Fair, Concessions; Janet Shearer, Dance School, Medical, Translators, Transportation, Job Fair, Information Desks, and Arts, Lecture & Film Series. Stacie Sharp will manage procurement for all volunteer committees.

Please sign up here, and be sure to check the areas in which you have interest in volunteering. Your name and contact information will be forwarded to the coordinator for your area of preference. The coordinator will contact you when details of the needs and opportunities are firm.

Volunteering for the USA IBC is so rewarding that many individuals return for each competition. We’re already on their calendars; please put us on yours!  Be sure to email the sign-up link to your friends and family members who would enjoy volunteering.

Volunteer Coordinators for the 2018 USA IBC are, from left, Dorothy Hawkins, Mary Schiele Scanlon,Candy Spurzem, Janet Shearer, Kinshasa Watson, and Stacie Sharp, head of procurement. Not pictured is Angie Noble.