From left: Adiarys Almeida, Keenan Kampa, Lasha Khozashvili, and Joseph Gatti are among the dancers added to Boston Ballet’s roster this season. (Essdras M Suarez/Globe Staff)

Making a leap, from around the world
19 new dancers join expanded Boston Ballet

It is the end of August, and new principal dancer Lasha Khozashvili has been at Boston Ballet less than a week. But already he dances like he owns the place, filling the studio during a rehearsal of “La Bayadere’’ with lofty jumps and bold turns, his long strides rocketing him through space. With curly dark locks and flashing eyes, this native of Tbilisi, Georgia, is destined to be a company heartthrob, but a wide grin and an exaggerated “Whew!’’ at the end of one particularly energetic series of leaps also suggest a lively sense of humor. He claps appreciatively as fellow dancers Lia Cirio and Jaime Diaz complete their pas de deux…