JACKSON, Miss., April 13, 2011 – After more than two decades of service to and leadership within the USA IBC board of directors, William D. Mounger stepped down ushering in a new leader. Fellow board members approved Haley Fisackerly, president and chief executive officer of Entergy Mississippi, Inc., to assume the role.

Mounger stated he could not think of a better person to lead the IBC board. Perhaps it was Fisackerly’s reputation and experience for producing greater efficiencies, cross-discipline support and teamwork that caught Mounger’s eye.

Fisackerly moved to Miss. in 2002 and became Entergy-Mississippi’s president and chief executive officer in 2008. Fisackerly has raised the company’s community visibility – an element also desired by IBC leadership.

“A cultural event on the scale of the USA IBC significantly contributes to our city’s and state’s reputation and the quality of life here in Jackson,” said Fisackerly. “But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the arts mean business. The economic impact from an event of this stature also brings millions of dollars into the state. That’s impressive.”

Fisackerly is a Miss. native and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mississippi State University and a master’s in public policy administration with emphasis in executive, legislative and regulatory management from George Washington University. He has served alongside Sen. Thad Cochran assisting in economic development projects in Miss.  Fisackerly also serves on several state and Jackson-area board of directors, but most recently accepted the role of chairman of the board for the IBC.

Mounger began his work for the IBC in 1986 spearheading the efforts to fund the competition only six weeks prior to the event following a disappointing turn when the seated governor vetoed the legislature’s appointed $375,000. This strategic effort warranted Mounger a seat on the IBC board of directors as the financial chairman, which he held until 1990 when he was elected chairman.  In the years since, Mounger’s fundraising provided $10 million to produce six competitions, two reunion gala events, and numerous ancillary events.

“Billy is one of the most generous people I have ever met. His fundraising philosophy is never ask a person to give money to a cause without having already contributed yourself. I like to think we made a good team. He raised the money, and I counted the pennies spent.” said Sue Lobrano, executive director of USA IBC.

Additionally, Mounger’s efforts along with solid financial management by Lobrano provided a significant IBC Foundation fund that would supplement competition expenses (or support a full four-year IBC cycle) should the need arise. To date, the foundation money remains untouched.

This past June, during the opening ceremonies of the IBC, Mounger stated this would “possibly” be his last event. As chairman emeritus, Mounger will advise and counsel as needed. Before officially stepping down, Mounger raised more than $648,000 in pledged monies for the 2014 festival of dance following his preferred fundraising method of securing funds for the next event during the current one.

“I became involved with the IBC because it has contributed more than any other thing towards enhancing the image of our state around the nation and world” said Mounger.

As his last initiative as IBC board chairman, Mounger appointed a strategic planning committee to revisit the organization’s the strategic plan, to make recommendations and to implement changes by year-end.

“On behalf of the board and myself, we are deeply appreciative of Billy’s leadership and passion for the IBC, without which we would not have this wonderful and prestigious event in Mississippi today,” said Fisackerly.

The USA IBC is a two-week, “olympic-style” competition where tomorrow’s stars vie for gold, silver and bronze medals; cash awards; company contracts; and scholarships. The event is designated as the official international ballet competition in the United States by a Joint Resolution of Congress. Presented under the auspices of the International Dance Committee, International Theatre Institute of UNESCO, the USA IBC is held every four years in Jackson, Miss., in the tradition of sister competitions in Varna, Bulgaria, and Moscow, Russia. For more information visit www.usaibc.com.