The USA International Ballet Competition welcomes and respects the dignity of each dancer and visitor who participates in our quadrennial competition and other events. Distinguished by artistic excellence and integrity, the USA IBC is a great global gathering of people of different nationalities, cultures, religions, ages, races, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and abilities—brought together by the universal language of dance. For these reasons, the USA IBC fundamentally opposes recently enacted H.B. 1523, a law that in no way reflects the celebration of the human spirit integral to the USA IBC mission. The people of Jackson, Mississippi, have welcomed and embraced the dance world since 1979.  As America’s official international ballet competition, so designated by a Joint Resolution of the U.S. Congress, the USA IBC remains committed to these ideals and to universal human rights.

Update:  On June 30, 2016, U.S. District Court Judge Carlton Reeves struck down H.B. 1523 in its entirety before the law went into effect.