The Friends of the USA IBC board has expanded as work begins on the 2018 competition.

New members of the Friends of the USA IBC board are (front row, from left) Audrey Douglas, Emily Simmons; (2nd row) LeAnne Gault, Jennifer Tripoli, Sara Ragsdale, Allison Simmons, Mary Michael Lindsay; (3rd row) Margee Wohner, Mary Schiele Scanlon, Carol Mockbee, Kathy Potts, Debbie Good; (4th row) Karen Baker, Kim Irby, Lee Jenkins, Candy Spurzem, Laurilyn Fortner; (back row) Bruce Parker Brumfield, Stacie Sharp, Max David Marsh, Janet Shearer.  Not pictured are Danielle Correro, Holly Crystal, Theresa Irby,  Nicholas Morisani, Angie Noble, Debbie Rayner, Laura Walters, and Kinshasa Watson.