Video Audition Requirements

Please provide an audition video no longer than 5 minutes in length. This audition will determine whether or not you are accepted into the program. The simple and concise combinations below will help us to accurately assess where you are in your training. Group videos are permitted – see guidelines below. Feel free to email Arianna Marcell, Dance School Administrator,, if you have questions or concerns with the audition requirements.


Video file requirements:

  • MP4, MOV, or AVI
  • No larger than 200MB
  • Clearly state your name and age at the beginning of the video.

Group video requirements:

All students must complete Part I of their Dance School applications before submitting a group video.

Groups may include up to 4 applicants at a time. Follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure that each student states his/her name at the beginning of the video and is clearly numbered throughout.
  • Please save your videos as DIRECTOR_GROUP_# (SMITH_GROUP_1)
  • Once the videos are ready for submission, please use the dropbox file request link below to upload the videos for review: CLOSED

Barre – camera view from the side or diagonal

  • Grand plié in 2nd  and 5th positions
  • Tendu from 5th, en croix two in each direction
  • Développé en avant, à la seconde and arabesque
  • Grand battement en croix

Center –  Pointe for ladies (If the student’s pointe work is not yet strong enough, applicant may perform the combination on demi-pointe.)

Ladies and Gentlemen

  • Short waltz

Glissade, développé into effacé, glissade, développé into écarté devant (repeat left),

balancé right, left, tombé pas de bourrée to 4th, pirouette finishing sous-sous 5th position

  • Petite allegro

Glissade, jeté, temps levé, assemblé, 3 brisés, royale

Jeté and assemblé with beats

Ladies only

  • Échappés en croix (en face) and add passé/retiré
  • Échappés en croix (effacé) and add passé/retiré

Gentlemen only

  • Four entrechat quatre or four entrechat six
  • Double tour
Ballerina on black background

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