Video Audition Requirements

Video Audition Requirements

Updated Requirements!

Video auditions are a way for applicants to showcase their unique skills and talents. By executing the following criteria, we will be able to accurately assess where you are in your training. The video should contain applicants completing barre and center combinations as noted below. Below are the guidelines on what should be included in the video. Please adapt where needed to meet your age and skill level. 

Please provide an audition video no longer than 5 minutes in length. Any video longer than 5 minutes will be rejected. Keep the requirements simple.  We will not accept a full class video. Please email David Keary, Dance School Director,, for any questions regarding any barre, center or pointe technique requirements.

Group videos are permitted – see guidelines below. Feel free to email Madalyn Burke, Dance School Administrator,, if you have questions concerning the application process.

DEADLINE: March 31, 2023

Video file requirements:

  • MP4, MOV, or AVI
  • No larger than 200MB
  • Clearly state your name and age at the beginning of the video.

Group video requirements:

All students must complete Part I of their Dance School applications before submitting a group video.

Groups may include up to 4 applicants at a time. Follow the instructions below:

  • Ensure that each student states his/her name at the beginning of the video
  • Please have each student wearing a different colored leotard and is clearly numbered
  • Save your videos as DIRECTOR_GROUP_# (SMITH_GROUP_1)
  • Once the videos are ready for submission please use the link to the form found in your confirmation email for  application part 1

Barre Technique – film profile: 

  • 1 Demi and 1 Grand Plie in 1st, 2nd and 5th positions
  • Tendu from 5th positions, (1) en avant, à la seconde, arabesque
  • Fondu on releve (1) en avant, à la seconde and arabesque
  • Développé (1) en avant, à la seconde and arabesque
  • Grand Battement: (1) en avant, à la seconde and arabesque 


  • Glissade to developpe a la seconde, Right and Left, then repeat to add pique to 1st arabesque (instead of the developpe to a la seconde) right and left; (can be demonstrated on pointe) 
  • Balancé right and left, followed by tombe pas de bourree to 4th position, add pirouette, Right and Left 
  • Changements (5th position), add Royale and/or entrechat quatre 
  • Glissade Jeté and assemble battu (beats), feel free to add pas de chat or brise; 
  • Gentlemen only:  Sous sous entrechat quatre, or entrechat six; Sous sous tour en l’air – right and left; 

Pointe Work :

  • Echappes from 5th position and add a passe to sous sous 5th position
  • Pique to 1st Arabesque, plie pas de bourre to change and repeat the left side

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